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Solemn Virtue is an American Thrash Metal band from Atlanta, GA formed in 2019. The band was started by Dave Kruse (Arizona) and Stephen Kern (Georgia). Dave contacted Stephen and asked if he'd be interested in starting a heavy, 80's Metal style band. Dave (graphic design artist for Roxx Records), would handle all the design aspects and Stephen would handle the song writing. Solemn Virtue was born!

With the old school 80's galloping and unique way of playing Stephen brings (all notes with his thumb), to Preston Cannone's old school screaming solos, to the thunderous drumming of Gunnar Gouge! Jacy Henry brings a whole other important element to the band as well, an expert knowledge of sound engineering!


Influences include-

Old Metallica, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Testament, Iron Savior, Accept, Laaz Rockit, Annihilator, etc.







Stephen Kern-

Rhythm guitar






Preston Cannone-

Lead guitar






Jacy Henry-

Bass guitar






Gunnar Gouge-








TBA. A very special guest :-)